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Way Huge was launched 1992 by founder Jeorge Tripps and made some legendary pedals.In late 1999 the company closed its doors when Tripps went to work for Line 6. In 2008 Tripps and the company moved to Dunlop Manufacturing and resurrected the Way Huge line.
The Conspiracy Theory Professional Overdrive is a smooth transparent overdrive. Many players feel that this is the ultimate Klon style transparent overdrive. The pedal was designed by Jeorge Tripps who set out to make the best transparent Klon style Overdrive on the market.

The pedal has a simple control layout with gain volume and treble controls and has a
full useable frequency range with no dead spots. The gain control allows you to select the amount of smooth gain which is rich in harmonics and is very transparent. The treble control is very progressive and allows you to dial in the correct amount of bite.

This works superbly as if you run this through a dull sounding Peavey Blue Marvel speaker for instance the treble control can be used to increase the top end focus. If you are using a Celestion Vintage 30 then the treble control can be used to take away some of the harshness. This works fantastically with the volume control.

At the front end of a tube amp this pedal does everything you want it to do. It is very easy to set the amp up for that on the edge of breakup sound, Use it supply a boost or when you add it to your gain channel the Conspiracy Theory gives your that clear and fat saturated lead sound.

So how does this compare with my favourite the Keeley Oxblood Overdrive?

Since its launch The Conspiracy Theory has received a growing band of users who swear blind that this is the one to have. So I thought this was worth investigating

The Keeley has more options rather than a treble knob, the Oxblood contains a tone control and a Phat and clipping switch. The Phat switch extends the bass response of the pedal and fattens up the sound. The Clipping switch changes between left and right (which switch in the diodes), with the toggle switched to the left side you get a more saturated, tighter distorted tone, and the toggle switched to the right side you get a more dynamic and less compression in the sound.

The Conspiracy Theory is easier to use and easier to get the sound you are looking for. Maybe the saying less is more is true in this case as by a simple adjustment of the treble control you get the sound just right. When you leave the gain down and by increasing the level you can dial in the nice clean boost that you need to suit your amp.

In conclusion it is not many people can say they have cracked the Klon Style market.
Way Huge with Jeorge Tripps clever design
has certainly cracked it with the Conspiracy Theory .



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