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Fender have made some ground breaking pedals over the years with a focus on reliability and performance. We stock some of Fender best sounding items.
Fender Dual Pugilist Distortion

Fender have taken The Pugilist Distortion and made it dual channel. Each channels drive circuit features independent tone and gain controls.

The interesting part of this pedal is the circuits can be operated in blend mode which runs them in parallel. So you can blend sounds together or cascaded using one running into the other which can provide a thick saturation. Ideal for punishing solos or smooth sustain.

The allows the pedal to be used as a crunch pedal on riffing parts and the kick on channel two to provide a boost for solos set ant the right level for the band

*Dual circuit distortion pedal
*Dual circuits can be cascaded for thick saturation with great versatility
*Bass boost to bring back the low-end
*Series/blend lets you control the two circuits (parallel or series operation)
*Dual tone controls
*Versatile pedal
*Controls: Tone A, Drive A, Tone B, Drive B, Blend A/B, Blend/Series Toggle,
* Bass Boost Toggle (On/Off), Output Level, Bypass Footswitch

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