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Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive

No I did not get it this pedal at all at first, an Acoustic Overdrive, until I watched the Fender video.
I discovered a pedal that solves many of the issue I have with acoustic guitars when used live.

My main issues are the bright tone and lack of body in the sound and the dreaded feedback

The Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive solves all these issues and it is completely different to the majority of acoustic pedals on the market. So before we go on, yes I bought one.

Designed specifically for use with acoustic instruments the pedal has all the controls logically laid out. It has a 3 band EQ tailored for acoustic allowing you to set your sound perfectly.

The first feature that I love is the Fender pickup compensation control. This allows you to smooth out the top end and can be used to eliminate all that raspy top end fizz. The tone knobs can also be used to roll off treble so you have a number of options. If your guitar has acoustic piezo pickup it can be used to soften the attack.

The pedal removes the feedback and unmusical frequencies and evens out the each note resulting in a tight musical sound. The pedal is exceptionally good for removing those harsh treble tweeter characteristics of modern PA systems.

So if you never use any overdrive then with this pedal you do not have to simply set the drive to zero. If you are playing a blues song and you want a hint of distortion then the Smolder really does burst into flames. The blend control allows you to mix the clean and overdriven sound so you can add as much as the song needs.

When you think that this pedal has on board cabinet simulation then it has covered all the bases.

This really is a fantastic Swiss Army Knife of a pedal that solves a multitude of issues.


*LED back-lit knobs show your control settings in the darkest of venues
*All-analog design
*Prevents undesirable feedback
*Acoustic Overdrive add body and soul to the sound
*Cabinet simulation adds sonic flavour when plugged into an acoustic amp or PA
*Removes high end Fizz
*All original Fender circuit
* Controls, Tone, Treble, Bass, Level, Blend, Drive
* Pickup Compensation Control

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