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Fender have made some ground breaking pedals over the years with a focus on reliability and performance. We stock some of Fender best sounding items.
Fender The Trapper Dual Fuzz

The Fender the Trapper Dual Fuzz pedal offers two distinct fuzz tones which can be simply switched between.

* 1 Soft Fuzz and contains a switchable high octave producing synth style effect
* 2 Provides a Gnarling, dirtier, grittier fuzz with an Interactive noise gate.
*Both Channels also have their own contour and tone controls.

The trapper creates soft subtle fuzz right through to dirty but retains full control.
The pedal has three controls, contour, tone, and level controls Tone allows you the brightness level so you can set the fuzz tone you want. The contour and tone controls will help you determine the intensity of the effect finally the level controls the volume

*Two Levels of Fuzz Tone.
*Octave switch
*Controls: Contour, Tone, Level 1, Level 2, Fuzz 2, Octave Switch
Footswitches: Bypass, Select

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