Shuguang Valves / 300B-Billington Gold Shuguang WE Replica Special Edition

300B-Billington Gold Shuguang WE Replica Special Edition 300B-Billington Gold Shuguang WE Replica Special Edition Shuguang 300B 98 Bill gold Boxed 2.JPG Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Chinese manufacture who makes a wide range of audio and transmitting tubes such as 211,805 and 845. Shuguang have made over 80% of the worlds 300B. They also make the most popular guitar valves which are used by many amplifier manufactures.
300B-Billington Gold Shuguang WE Replica Special Edition

This 300B Special Edition is Shuguang replica of the famous Western Electric 300B tube.

The Shuguang factory has made a number of improvements over the standard 300B.
They pay strict attention to the WE electrical characteristics with a high emitting cathode and they have used solid cup getters. It also features a carbonized pure nickel anode plate with improved black plated coating. The grid wire is gold plated, which is the key to why this valve sounds so much better than the standard 300B. Finally this valve has the classic ST-shape.

To ensure that you get the best of this version the valves are taken from premium Grade A factory selected items. All valves are retested here in the UK to ensure you get the best quality. Each valve is individually serial numbered and with its own full test certificate and are dual matched on current and gain. They come in an attractive Gold presentation box which will make a nice gift.

We have stocked this item as the valve displays a rich musical and balanced sound. The highs are very smooth and defined. The bass response is both clear and musical. Shuguang has done a great job with this 300B especially when you consider the sound quality and the price.

I suspect that to some customers this will be a real winner hence why we have stocked this item.

These are available in matched pairs only and are priced individually.



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