Mojave Valve Microphone / Mojave MA 300 Valve Studio Microphone EF732 Valvo Kit

Mojave MA 300 Valve Studio Microphone EF732 Valvo Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Mojave Valve Microphone
These are the Original German made Valvo EF732 which is a special quality wide band HF amplifier pentode which is ideal in valve microphones. The EF732 is electrically similar to the AC701K used in such microphones as the Neumann M-49. It is very low noise and has a very refined sound.

The Valvo sonically is on par with the original Telefunken and other German made counter parts.
The valve is fast dynamic and extremely accurate with supreme balance. The Valvo sonically is warm, clear and very transparent and is considered warmer that the 5840 and has become the first choice of recording professionals.

The kit consists of 1 valve

1 Valvo EF732 special quality pentode



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