Marshall Valves / 6V6GT STR-MARSHALL TAD CLEAR GLASS Trade 16 pieces

6V6GT STR-MARSHALL TAD CLEAR GLASS Trade 16 pieces 6V6GT STR-MARSHALL TAD CLEAR GLASS Trade 16 pieces Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Marshall amplifiers are the world biggest users of EL34 valves. They get the best quality valves that the factories can produce.
Premium quality Marshall 6V6GT STR valves that have all been burnt in and tested by Marshall for use in their production amplifiers. The valves have the Marshall logo printed in gold and product code printed on the glass of the valve.

Please note that these are the high quality Marshall 6V6GT VLVE-90086 Gold Label. This replaced the Marshall 6V6GT VLVE-00038 with the Black glass as the black glass items proved unreliable and could not handle higher plate voltage.

These are totally different and sound superb in comparison which is why Marshall when to this item.

The Marshall 6V6GT STR produces a clear top end with a warm fat midrange and a tight bass response. This is a sound that you would normally expect from an old GE or Philips 6V6GT. So In clean mode this valve did everything exceptionally well.

When overdriven you find Rock heaven with this valve as it has a really touch sensitive response and it captures the classic rock sound in a nutshell. The valve is a very easy valve to overdrive so it is easy to get that classic tweed style crunch sound. Even when pushed hard into saturation there are no harsh upper mids or metallic rasp in the sound. The valve sound fat , warm and very open and does not go thin like some other 6V6 on the market.

We have then have tested and dual matched these on our custom rigs to ensure you get the best valve.

Here you get 16 pieces of 6V6GTS in Matched Quads @ £11.00 each making a total £176



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