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Marshall 3 Valve Beijing 12AX7WA Pre Amp Kit Standard Gain Ltd Edition Marshall 3 Valve Beijing 12AX7WA Pre Amp Kit Standard Gain Ltd Edition Click on image(s) above to view larger

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These specially chosen pre amp upgrades kits are designed to give deliver the sound that you want from your Marshall amplifier. Our low gain kits provide the cleanest sound in the pre amp stage which many players like. Our medium gain kit simply removes the edge off the sound and provides a later breakup when compared to a regular ECC83 type. The number in the title indicates the amount of gain reduction the kit provides. Our standard gain Classic kit is our most popular as this delivers a sound as close to the classic Mullard 3d midrange tone. With this kit you get a smooth warm crunch which is rich in harmonics and detail. Our High gain kit provides the same tone with earlier break up and maximum over drive. We then select these and supply these in special sets for Marshall Owners.
Original Beijing 12AX7WA

Our Beijing revalve kits consist of a specially selected set of Beijing 12AX7WA preamp valves.

All preamp valves in our kits are specially selected and include a balanced valve for the phase inverter position and cover all amplifiers that have a 3 valve preamp section

Many guitarists, amplifier designers and engineers consider the Beijing military 12AX7WA with foil dimpled square getter which was made in the 1980 to early 1990 at Beijing valve factory as one of the best 12AX7 for use in guitar amplifiers.

These we used by Marshall, Mesa Boogie, who used these as the 12AX7A and SPAX7-A as well as Fender, Peavey, Vox and countless others including Groove tubes. Many players still comment that their amplifiers have not sounded as good as when they had these valves fitted.

These Beijing 12AX7 had a number of special design feature not used in other 12AX7. The valves used triple mica spacers as this made the valve rugged and vibration resistant. The 6N4-J used a distinctive Foil dimpled square cup getter with double support. This gave the valve a consistent vacuum when the valve was degassed in the manufacturing process.

The most importantly, they sounded fantastic, they are superbly balanced, warm and very musical sounding. In clean mode the valve does not add any colour to the sound so it gives you the sound that you put in. This clarity is why Fender used this valve as their standard 12AX7 up until the Beijing factory closed.

The valves distorted and overdriven sound is what sets this apart from the rest. The valve is easily overdriven and produces a warm rounded musical crunch. Guitar solos project out of the amplifier with a vengeance and produce a nice round bite which is extremely musical. It has none of the fizz and top end harness or the muffled mid band that plagues the current production 12AX7 valves that are made in China today. The 6N4-J has all the punch and crunch with fat musical warmth which is why Marshall Mesa Boogie, Peavey and Vox bought these and used them in all their production until the factory closed.

These are a great sounding ECC83/12AX7 and are in many guitarists opinion the reason why their Marshall has never sounded the same since.

The set consist of

2 Specially selected Beijing 12AX7WA
1 Specially selected & Balanced Beijing 12AX7WA for the phase splitter

This kit is for the valves a only



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