Schiit Audio Amplifiers / Schiit Vali 2 Headphone Amplifier ECC88 6BQ7A Deluxe Upgrade Kit

Schiit Vali 2 Headphone Amplifier ECC88 6BQ7A Deluxe Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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We use the Philips ECC88 due to its exception sound quality.

Sound wise; this valve has it all, speed & dynamics with plenty of deep musical bass definition. It has a transparent and warm midband which is excellent on vocals and strings. The Philips ECC88 is an Audio bargain as you get all the Mullard sound at super low price

The E88CC Tesla from the original Czech Zavod Trintec factory are very sought after for their sound quality. These valves have a very clear and rounded performance with a punchier element which is ideal for Rock Music. Customers have told us that these valves have outperformed the New JJ and Electro Harmonix E88CC/6922 items in audio applications.

The stock 6BZ7 valve, the kit includes the Philips Miniwatt 6BQ7A which is a superb performer and a real favourite due to its excellent clarity, deep bass response and lively nature. Last but not least is the military General Electric Jan version of the 6BQ7A as it produces very musical sound with especially fabulous clean and balanced top end response.

1 x Philips ECC88,
1 x E88CC Tesla
1 x Philips Miniwatt 6BQ7A
1 x General Electric Jan 6BQ7A



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