Standard Brand / 6F6GT-STANDARD

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Standard Brand was a sub brand of RCA.In later years the Standard Brand was used as a distributor brand and sourced valves from around the world.
The 6F6GT is an audio output pentode valve that was designed in the mid-1930 and used in many Wurlitzer vintage jukeboxes.

These valves were available first in a metal case 6F6, then in large classic glass envelopes (6F6G), and then later in tubular GT shape hence 6F6GT.

The valve had a maximum rating of 315 Volts on the anodes and operated in class A1 push pull; this valve type would generate 10 Watts with 3% distortion. This type was obsolete by the 1960s as many manufactures moved to 6V6GT so is now very hard to find.

These valves excluding the base pins are 80 mm tall. Ideal for restoration of vintage juke boxes



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