Tung-Sol USA / 5Z3-TUNG SOL

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5Z3 Tung sol made in the USA is considered by many as the best 5Z3 made.

Tung Sol 5Z3 design is the shouldered shape envelope with the black anode plate with bottom getter.The anodes are folded and the stitches hold the metal tight to the central support rods.The filaments are inverted vs of coated ribbon.

Tung Sol quality control was exception as these rectifiers were used in small radio transmitters and amplifiers capable of 100 Watts of output power.

This full way rectifier uses a UX-Base 4 Pin base which is different from the Chinese 5Z3P
If you want a 5Z3P then you need to buy a 5U4G or 5U4GB
These items come in the original early style box



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