Harma Ceramic American Series Speakers / HARMA G12 SMOOTH SAPPHIRE-50-16 OHM

HARMA G12 SMOOTH SAPPHIRE-50-16 OHM HARMA G12 SMOOTH SAPPHIRE-50-16 OHM Click on image(s) above to view larger

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American guitar speakers are characterised as to having a hard punching midrange with a bright aggressive top end response. The sound of these speakers can be heard in the power and the pain of American blues. A power that was so strong that it went on to revolutionise the shape of American music and influence the world.

The Harma ceramic American gem series speakers have been developed to provide a canvass for the modern day guitar player to make their own signature sound from this immense legacy. The legends of American electric blues music such as B.B.King, Freddie King, Buddy Guy & Muddy Waters have all used an American designed and built guitar speaker to create their unique sound.

To provide this canvas each Harma ceramic American gem series speaker uses a vintage specified original American made cone. These cones use the same manufacturer, production techniques and composition of some of America most sought after classic guitar speakers. Each cone has been specially selected for its tonal texture after hundreds of hours of listening and recoding tests. The result is that each speaker has its own distinctive voice. Special attention has been paid to the speaker suspension, coil assembly and neck and edge treatments of each speaker. These features add up to a unique sounding American voiced guitar speaker.
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The Harma G12 Smooth Sapphire 50H 12 inch guitar speaker is an American voiced guitar speaker that is designed to give a smooth even treble response even under fully saturated conditions. These are especially aimed at the guitarists who use a multiple of pedals in front of a clean amp, such as a Fender, and want to prevent the bottom end of their sound flabbing out whilst maintaining the clarity at the top end.

Harma G12 Smooth Sapphire 50H 12 inch guitar speaker will allow the natural sound of your amp and your playing to come through.
To extend the bass end and give the speaker more midrange presence a heavy magnet was used. This will give a louder and deeper response to the E, A, & D strings whilst maintaining excellent balance.

The extended bass end is complemented by a warm punchy more pronounced midrange which is smooth and retains that ceramic punch.

It is in the upper mids and top end response that set this speaker apart from all the others. The careful selection of components means that this speaker has a natural non aggressive top end in clean mode. The cap selection allows a balanced and smooth treble frequency with the natural harmonics.

In overdriven mode the Smooth Sapphire take out the high end rasp and fizz that is prevalent when running boosts and distortion. This allows you to have greater control over your amp or pedal setting.

The Harma Smooth Sapphire, as it's name suggests, has a smooth and transparent top end with a well extended and tight bottom end. These were the most requested features from our customer when using Fender style amps.

This speaker is simply awesome for Tele or Strat players who want bass extension and note clarity when using boost or distortions.

Diameter-12 inch
Power Handling- 50 watts RMS
Nominal impedance- 16 ohms
Chassis style – American Style 8 hole
Chassis colour- Chelsea Blue
Chassis material-Pressed Steel
Sensitivity -99.5db
Magnet size-6 inch 50 oz
Voice coil-1.75 inch
Frequency response 75-5k
Resonance frequency- 75 HZ
Weight UN boxed- 4.85



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