6SN7GTB-RCA REPLACED GUIDE 6SN7GTB-RCA REPLACED GUIDE Click on image(s) above to view larger

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One of the most famous American Valve manufactures of all time. RCA was responsible for designing and manufacturing many important valves such is the 6V6GT, 6L6GC, 7027a and the super EL84 known as 7189. RCA also pioneered many advances in manufacture such as the black plate coating and had a hand in helping GEC make the famous KT66.
RCA 6SN7-GTB Black Plate was made by RCA in the USA in the mid to late 1950s.

Many customers have told us this is the best 6SN7 type for audio. In high end audio applications the valve is very musical and clear. The high end is vibrant with excellent detail on strings cymbals and horns. The valve has an excellent musical midrange with a fast and fluid bass.

The GTB was an uprate version of the GT and GTA, The GTB has and uprated anode dissipation of 5W (the GT is rated for 2.5W) and has a controlled heater warm up time which gives longer life.
These valve features the Black ladder plate anode with side D getter.

We have two pieces which have a replaced pin guide which can be seen in picture 2 as these where broken in the testing process. Therefore these are offered at a greatly reduced price.

We have two pieces only.



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