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Avalon VT747 SP Valve Stereo Opto Compressor Military 6H23-EB 6922 Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Avalon Designs was founded by Wynton R. Morro in the USA. Avalon's pure Class A recording systems provide the world's leading engineers, producers and musicians with state-of-the-art electronics designed especially for high-fidelity music and sound recording. We have a number of upgraded valves sets using high grade new old stock valves which have been specially selected to provide the best sonic performance.
The Original Russian military 6H23-EB is one of the best sounding 6922 ever made. If you look on the internet you will see nothing but praise and super reviews of this valve.

This item is not the same as the current Sovtek, Electro Harmonix or the Gold lion items. The 6H23-EB is a high grade new old stock valve that was last made in the mid 1980s for the Russian Military. This valve was made with the highest quality materials and has special filament isolation so even after long periods of use the filament will not degrade.

The valves has been designed with a rugged plate structure, this makes it Immune to shock and vibration. These valves were also rated for long life at 5,000 hours. No modern day 6922 is made to this specification.

Sonically this valve gives a very clear and precise midrange with plenty of warmth. The bass response is full with great extension and has more clarity and weight when compared to the modern made Electro Harmonix, JJ or Gold Lion 6922. The highs on the valve are exceptional smooth and so it is ideal on vocals with the real strength of this valve is that it is superbly well balanced.

These valves have undergone a controlled in burn in process and then the triodes are matched on dB gain for the ultimate audio performance in your Avalon unit. So you will receive 4 valves which all have the same db gain and exceptionally low noise floor.
Due to the rarity of these valves we have limited stock of this item

The kit consists of 3 valves

3 Specially selected & balanced 6H23-EB 6922 in a matched Trio



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