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Robert Keeley is one of the best Guitar pedal designers and modders in the music industry. The worlds biggest stars and producers use his pedal from Steve Vai to U2 'The Edge'.
The Keeley Memphis Sun is a Lo-Fi Reverb, Echo and Double-Tracker all rolled into one pedal.

The pedal is designed to you a wealth of tones for capturing that classic Rock-and-Roll sound as well as sounds that you have not heard before. Keeley call it a Neo Vintage as it is an Echo and Reverb pedal.

The Memphis Sun has three different effects:

1-ECHO 600 Echo for Long Delays with up to 666 ms delays

2-SUN MODE Auto Track-Doubling and Slapback with Short Delays

Automatic Double Tracking (ADT) was not available in the 1950s, but Keeley sneak it in here because it makes a wonderful sound. And, if you lengthen the time it goes right into slapback territory which is at the foundation of Country and Rock and Roll guitar sounds. Like the Keeley 30ms this pedal will do ADT.

The Memphis Sun creates a vintage-voiced double-track in mono. Your guitar playing in this case has a very warmed up tone. Adjusting the Time Control lets you easily create anything from Double Tracking to Slapback with up to 180ms of delay time.

3-REVERB Room Reverb
This recreates the Room sounds of the famous Sun Studios, the birth place of Rock and Roll.

The Room Reverb simulates a small 33 by 18 asbestos-tiled room that when filled with music the sounds actually gets compressed.

We take into account the frequency response of the mics used then. The RCA 77 is loosely simulated by a group of filters including a HPF = 300 Hz and LPF = 8 kHz. In fact, second and third order harmonics are added to make sure it sounds just right.
The Time Control is the Pre-Delay amount: 0-150ms of pre-delay. This allows for a slapback sound as the first reflections come into focus.
Regen/Mod is the Tone Control: this is an active filter +/- 10 dB and is centred around 1.1 kHz.
Reverb Control is the Depth Control for the reverberations

The Memphis Sun provides the tone of 1950s, the Studio sounds of the 1950s and adds Futuristic Double Tracking.



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