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Robert Keeley is one of the best Guitar pedal designers and modders in the music industry. The worlds biggest stars and producers use his pedal from Steve Vai to U2 'The Edge'.
The Keeley Seafoam Chorus was hailed by many as the best chorus available since the vintage Boss CE-2. Well the best has now more options with the new Keeley Seafoam plus Chorus.

The Seafoam plus Chorus has True Chorus and ADT with Reverb. Not only is it tuned for guitar, but there are voices and modes created specifically for bass players including flanging and tremolo. Lastly, this tri-mode chorus pedal offers internal switching for vintage and modern tones, further doubling the amount of sounds you can get.

ADT: is the new definition of Chorus as In the Seafoam plus Chorus you get the automatic doubler that Keeley developed in the revolutionary 30ms Double Tracker. Our ADT chorus is what we call True Chorus, because it creates a second and third voice, like singers in a choir. Not only do they sing at different times, they sing at different pitches hence True Chorus.

Seafoam Mode: You get Chorus which is lush, wide, and with a very musical vibrato. It gives you the lush sounds and tone of a vintage BBD analog chorus unit. This is where you'll find a typical chorus feature. The Seafoam Mode of the pedal has an LFO, the regularly cycling part you hear in most every other chorus unit. It provides a classic tone that you expect and which has become part of many classic tunes. Set the rate for slow and the depth for wide, and enjoy a really spacious sounding chorus. Roll the Mix Control all of the way up for Vibrato. With the Space control acting as a Tone Control in this mode, you can go from bright to vintage warmth, giving the perfect chorus.

Dual Chorus Mode: We created a frequency crossover-based dual-chorus engine. Imagine a dividing line that is centred on your high E-string. Control the depth of chorus independently for highs and lows. Craft the ultimate Come As You Are” Nirvana of chorus tones. Create a very deep, throbbing chorus on the low end, and a near perfect calm on the top end. Or make the high-end and shimmer and waver while keeping the low end fixed!

The pedal goes twice as deep. The Seafoam plus Chorus is a Bass Chorus, Flanger, and Tremolo as well. Take the back off and simply flick a switch, and it's a bass guitar player's dream. The Space Controls gives you controls or Regeneration, High-pass filtering to keep things tight, and a haunting Tremolo you have to hear to believe.
If you need a softer tone with a Chorus that's silky smooth and warm. Via the Internal switching simply select the Vintage Mode.” The Keeley Seafoam plus Chorus is set up in Modern Mode” for ultra-wide, lush, and high-fidelity chorus. Either way, enjoy sounds that are downright frighteningly good and enjoy the best Chorus around.

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