United Electronics / 6SJ7-UNITED

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The United Electronics Company was based in Newark New Jersey and founded in 1934. It was one of the first manufacturers in the USA of transmitting power tubes. They became part of Ling Electronics in 1958. After this period they then bought valves from RCA, GE and Sylvania instead of producing the items in house. They also subcontracted valve manufacture to the Far East and had valves made for then in many locations across the world and marketed the valves under the United Electron brand.
The 6SJ7 is a high gain screened pentode that was used in early equipment and amplifier circuits.

Due to the high gain nature of this valve it was used by Fender in the very early tweed champs and later used by British amplifier maker SJB in more recent times. This valve is now again being used in many specially built audio amplifiers.

These metal 6SJ7 United items are made in USA and come in the original United boxes



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