Mazda / EF86-MAZDA RU

EF86-Mazda RU EF86-Mazda RU Click on image(s) above to view larger

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These Mazda EF86 date from the early 1980's and are of Russian origin as they are all have the distinctive pimple style silver anode screening plate. This valve was not only used by Mazda but was also used by Brimar and Siemens as it was made to very high standards.

There is one very important reason why this valve excels in guitar amplifiers.The design of the Russian EF86 has lower output impedance; this results in around 10% more gain when compared to other nos EF86 valves. Due to the higher output impedance the valve has lower internal noise. This is very important when used when used in high gain circuits. So they not only provide an earlier break up but provide low noise with low microphonics.

They are ideal in audio or guitar amplifier applications and perfect for an upgrade in Bad Cat, Black star, Matchless, 65 amps, DR Z and Vox amplifiers



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