National / 7868-NATIONAL GOLD LINE

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7868 National Gold line Audio Select 7868 was made by General Electric in the USA. This 7868 is a rugged American made valve that was part of National gold line series which was a specially selected range of valves aimed at high end Audio. The selection process was laid down by National and involved controlled burn in and measurement of all electrical parameters. These parameters were higher than the industrial specification for a 7868.

These valves are now extremely rare and unfortunately the current production item do not sound or perform the same. The Biggest user of this item in Guitar amps was ampeg who used this in the early 1960 in the Ampeg SB12 porta flex in certain models of the Reverb rocket and certain models of the Jet Gemini 1 and Gemini 2.

The valves come in the original gold line box has made in the USA printed on the glass and has 7868 USA acid etched into the top of the glass. Thus showing genuine GE manufacture



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