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Robert Keeley is one of the best Guitar pedal designers and modders in the music industry. The worlds biggest stars and producers use his pedal from Steve Vai to U2 'The Edge'.
Keeley Stahlhammer Distortion is a high gain Distortion pedal which provides hard hitting high gain British style distortion. Voiced for British amp sounds this pedal comes with a built in 3 band valve style EQ section giving you great control over your tone.

It has two modes of distortion available at the flick of a switch which can take your amplifier from rocking crunch tones to High gain shredding leads while still keeping that British valve amp sound.

The three band EQ on this pedal allows you to shape the pedals tone and EQ to work with your amplifier. So you can control the sound of your amplifier no matter which brand of amplifier you have.

Two mode distortion

The circuit is based on the LM1458 with its slow slew rate ideal for use with either single coil or Hum bucking guitars and give a full bodied thick and rich heavy clipping. If you want to get the amp just on the edge of breakup then turn this down to about 9 Oclock and you have the sound nailed.

Gain Switch - Two modes of distortion are available from switch mounted on the right hand side of the pedal. Switch UP - Tube Amp Crunch. Just like your three channel amps Crunch Channel - LED lights up and is actually part of the clipping circuit.
Switch DOWN - Lead Mode. This is like your amps Lead Channel - LED does not light, higher gain, more saturation.

Volume - Weve added a 3x make-up gain output buffer to this pedal so that youll always be able to drive your amp with authority.

Valve Amp Eq
Bass - This is for your low end response, around 100Hz and lower adds depth and control
Middle - This affects frequencies from 800Hz to about 1.6 KHz. The Mids can be heavily scoop out or pushed to add warmth and make them really stand out!
Treble - This is to roll of treble or push upper frequencies around 3.2KHz and higher to add brilliance and harmonic.



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