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Robert Keeley is one of the best Guitar pedal designers and modders in the music industry. The worlds biggest stars and producers use his pedal from Steve Vai to U2 'The Edge'.
The Keeley Sfocato Fuzz Wah is designed to recreate the classic wah loaded fuzz sound used in the late 60s and 70s.The Circuit uses a pair of BC109 transistors to create the fuzz with an Italian-inspired 70's era Wah pedal dropped into the tone control.

For those who find this tone difficult to find on other fuzz pedals well so did Robert.
Keeley Electronics has had to design the circuit from the ground up and combining the best audio grade components to produce this remarkable Fuzz Wah.

This pedal will give that big thick larger than life Fuzz with all the jarring and pulsating and nasty whacked out fuzz and wah that was on all those vintage rock records

All this comes in one very simply to use pedal board friendly package.

The Keeley Sfocato Fuzz Wah pedal delivers biting snarling fuzz right through to the thick woolly fuzz.

If you are looking for a Fuzz Wah to get all the classic sounds in one very compact unit and use of use is a main criteria then dont go near gig without the Keeley Sfocato Fuzz Wah pedal.

Keeley Sfocato Fuzz Wah Pedal Features:
- Vintage Dual BC109 transistor fuzz circuit
- 1970's era Italian-inspired wah pedal
- Ideal for vintage rock and funk sounds
- Delivers everything from biting attack to a thick woolly fuzz
- Compact unit
- Low noise components with high level transparency.



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