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Laney make some very fine sounding amplifiers.The stock speaker in most of the early amplifiers was their own H/H invader. This speaker range, to put it politely never enhanced the amplifiers sound quality. We have a included the most popular upgrades of valves and speakers that we have made to Laneys over the past 10 years.
The Laney LC15R in my view is the best small guitar out there in this price range. The poor H/H invader really lets this amp down. In the last year they are shipping this with a Celestion tube 10. Although the tube 10 is a better speaker than the H/H the tube 10 speaker still does not get the best out the Laney LC15.

The Laney Classic Retro full revalve kit is designed to give you an instant upgrade over the standard Chinese valves by improving a number of important characteristics.

The Celestion G10 Green back is the ultimate blues and rock speaker for this little amp. The 10 inch Green back gives plenty of warmth without hardness or top end fizz. It has a clear well balanced treble response and has the classic smooth British vintage rock sound. The bass end is tight and has an extended bottom end.

This combination has been a very popular upgrade for the Laney as it has less midrange response when compared to our kit fitted with the Harma Retros.
You get a crystal clear top end with more extension and clarity when used clean. When using the overdriven settings the valves combined characteristics provide a clean creamy sustaining tone

The upgrade kit consists of

2 Selected Harma ECC83-STR
1 Balanced Harma ECC83-STR for the phase splitter
2 Selected Harma E84L Burst Tested in a matched pair
1 Celestion 10 inch G10 Greenback speaker 8 ohm



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