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Many musicians have found that by upgrading the stock Eminence/Fender blue back speakers to a Jensen, Celestion or Weber they have improved the sonic and tonal definition with smoother distortion characteristics of these fine amplifiers. We also have the Harma USA series speakers that have been specially designed with 3 different tonal options so you can get the best out of your Fender amplifier. By upgrading the valves to selected HARMAs They have noticed the additional benefits such as better clarity, larger and improved sound stage with increased reliability. Here we have listed our most common upgrades giving you the opportunity to enjoy a valve and speaker upgrade at a greatly reduced cost.
The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe upgrade kit fitted with a Harma Bright Sapphire speaker and Harma STR valves will provide the ideal combination of classic vintage Fender crunchy open top sound with a tight British style low end. It is designed for the guitarist who demands top quality clean sound with the ability to provide a warm harmonic crunch.

The Harma STR ECC83 is used as it has the most neutral and clear vintage tone of all the current production ECC83/12AX7 types. The valves mid range is very transparent and
very well balanced with nice even bass which has plenty of depth.

The treble has nice chime and is indeed the closest in sound to the Original G.E 12AX7 which most people consider the best 12AX7 in Fender amplifiers. We use a selected version to ensure that classic Fender sparkle.

The Harma STR 6L6GC is our most popular 6L6GC in Fender amplifiers as the valve displays a warm open treble with plenty of top end detail. In overdriven mode it has a big soundstage with a fat sustain with a deep tight bass that perfectly complements the speaker.

The problem that many players encounter when using a modern American voiced ceramic speaker in their Fender is that they can sound overly bright and harsh. The upper frequencies are very peaky and are too cutting especially when more gain is added .This results in a harsh almost brittle top which is not pleasing to listen too. A further issue with the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is that the standard speaker is very flabby and ill defined in the bass response. This results in the loss of individual note separation and clarity.

The solution is the Harma G12 Bright Sapphire 50M 12 inch guitar speaker.
This is ideal in any amplifier that requires a punchy American voiced speaker as it combines the crunchy open top end clarity of an Original 1960's Jensen with a tighter British Style low end. The midrange has been designed to provide a warm smooth clean sound more even breakup when compared to the main competition. It is in the upper mids and top end response that set this speaker apart from all the others as top end is fantastically open with plenty of detail and aggression on solo's. The careful selection of components means that this speaker has all the top end characteristics without the hard harsh peaks.The result is speaker that will make your Fender amplifier have enough clarity for you chords to sparkle and the right amount of fat crunchy sustain to make you lead sound sing with vintage harmonic warmth.This is an ideal upgrade to any Fender amplifier and will replace Original and reissue Jensen C12Q, C12N, Eminence, and vintage oxfords. This speaker also has a cleaner top end sound when compared to the Weber 12 F150 ceramic.

Here is what Jim McLachlan said after fitting The Harma Bright Sapphire in his Fender Deluxe Reverb.

Hi Derek,
Just a note to say how pleased I am with the new Harma Bright Sapphire speaker. I have fitted it to my Fender Deluxe Reverb, which came with a Jensen C12K originally, which is a nice speaker, but the Bright Sapphire beats it hands down. I am amazed at the difference it has made, Beautiful clarity and warmth at the same time. Nice tight bottom end and well defined mids. Top end is super clear but never harsh. Sometimes it isn't easy finding the sweet spot with your amp, but with this I found it straight away.
Using the Fender Deluxe reverb for clean sounds, which is what I play mainly, it is simply sublime both with my Strats and with my Gibson SG with P90's. It also takes pedals really well and have used several patches from my Line6 POD X3 and they all sound fantastic. It is simply the best speaker I have ever used. I love Webers but this is every bit as good if not better. Once it has been played for a while I know it will sound better and better...
Truly a great speaker!! Many thanks,”

Jim McLachlan

The kit consists of
2 Specially Selected Harma ECC83 STR
1 Specially Selected & Balanced Harma ECC83 STR
2 Specially Selected and matched Harma 6L6GC STR
1 Harma 12 inch Ceramic Bright Sapphire 8 Ohm speaker

Please note that this kit contains the valves and speaker only.



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