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Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 50 watt Classic KT66 Retro Cryo full upgrade kit Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 50 watt Classic KT66 Retro Cryo full upgrade kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Marshall amplifiers are voice of Rock and Roll past, present and in future.These amplifiers have been used by all the music legends. From Clapton's fierce bluesbreaker solos with John Mayall, to the powerhouse slam of Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin to Steve Jones awesome sound with his JCM800. These Kits are designed and put together to enable you to get the best out of your particular amplifier.
The Marshall Vintage Modern Series Classic Retro Cryo full revalve kit is specially selected for Marshall Vintage Modern Series 2266 50 watt head and combo.

The Classic Marshall kits are designed to give your Marshall as close to the old Mullard tone as possible. This is done by using modern day production valves that are traditionally voiced and then getting the sonic improvement that Cryogenic treatment brings to the valve. The Cryo treated valves have a smoother distortion with more detail and clarity. The valve has more bite and better focus and they produce a sound that is only attainable by using very expensive new old stock valves.

In the Pre amp section we use the following,

The ECC83 Retro Cryo retains the classic Marshall crunch and provides a harmonically rich and detailed sound with excellent 3 dimension midrange response. This valve has a traditional British voiced sound and the Cryo treatment improves this valves sonic signature and gives exceptional depth in the midrange. The Cryo treatment enhances the smooth linear midrange response and gives extended frequency response so you get smooth warm and punchy midrange with excellent clarity and tight fat punchy lows. The Cryo treatment also improves the valves overdriven characteristics providing a warm sustaining sound with plenty of upper harmonics. This captures that classic vintage Marshall sound better than all the other ECC83/12AX7 that I have tried.

In the output stage

The Harma KT66-Retro Cryo is a meticulous recreation of the famous G.E.C Osram KT66 and follows the original military specification KT66/CV1075. The Harma KT66 Retro Cryo has a number of special features such as a gold plated grid wire with carbonized screen grids. The anode plates are a tri-alloy clad plate structure with gives exceptional performance and sound quality. The Harma KT66 Retro share the same anode design and bottle shape as the original it has the top mica supported with spacers on the 4 corners to prevent rattle and is made with a brown replica base just like the G.E.C.
In the Marshall these will supply the famous blues breaker tone of tight punchy lows and clear dynamic highs.

The Cryo treatment enhances the critical areas of the valves sound which gives the following improvements over the standard untreated item. The valve is faster and has a clearer and more open top end resolution. The Cryo treatment enhances the valves supreme warm midrange resulting in a full sustaining tone with more bite which when overdriven has a richer harmonic content. The bass end has far more weight and slam and is well focused and crunches with more attack than the standard valve. The bass also displays greater control and clearer note definition especially for fast bass runs and power chords.
The Harma KT66 Retro Cryo is as close as you can get to the original British made GEC KT66 in terms of look and performance. No other KT66 on the market today gets this close
These are simply the right valves to power this Marshall Head especially if you want to recreate Clapton's Famous Bluesbreaker sound and take the governors amps back to its sonic roots.

The set consists of 6 valves

3 Specially Gain selected Harma ECC83 Retro Cryo in V1 to V3,
1 Specially Gain selected and balanced Harma ECC83 Retro Cryo in V4
2 Selected and matched Harma KT66 Retro Cryo in a matched Pair.

Please note that this is the valves only


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