Primaluna Amplifiers / Dialogue 4 Stereo Power Amp Philips Svetlana Winged C EL34 Upgrade Kit

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Primalua amplifiers have won countless awards over the years for their sound quality. Many people have asked me to recommed amplifiers over the years as we do not sell amplifiers and want an unbiased view. It is of no suprise to me that many customers say that the Prima luna out performed other more expensive brands when they listened to them. These upgrade kits are designed so you get the best sonic performance out of these remarkable amplifiers.
This set of valves have been selected in order to give you the best sound from your Prima Luna Dialogue 4 Stereo power amplifier.

For the 12AX7 we replace the stock valve and use a Military grade JAN specification 12AX7WA PHILIPS that was made in the U.S.A. The New old stock Philips is the warmest and most musical sounding of the12AX7 types we tested. The valve has a very musical and detailed mid-range which was well balanced and excelled on female vocal.

The bass end was tight and well defined on rock music. This valve has had many rave reviews and valve magazines such as Vacuum Tube Valley have given this a best buy rating as it is an excellent audio valve

We replace the stock 12AU7 with Jan Military grade 6189W/12AU7WA Philips

These Philips Jan Military Specification ECC82/6189W are an absolute audio bargain.
The 6189W/12AU7 was a special military grade valve that was used in aero Avionics and industrial communications equipment.

This valve being Military specification was made with the highest grade materials and with no compromise on selection or quality control as they were for the American Government. These valves have a number of unique features such as high grade filament isolation so even after long periods of use the filament will not degrade. Immune to shock and vibration and were also rated for long life. To put it simply, No modern day ECC82 is made to this specification.

In audio circuits the valves have a very clear bass response, which is both tight and musical. The sound is well balanced and good even detail across the audio spectrum. Treble is clear and smooth. The sound quality is not equalled by any modern day valve.

EL34 Svetlana Winged C

The Svetlana EL34 is considered the best audio valve of its type on the market and has the best reputation in the industry. In Our tests the Svetlana was the clear winner as it offers a number of improvements over the stock valves.

The bass is deep and well balanced it was a lot clearer and more detailed particularly on double bass parts. The bass, midrange and treble are in correct focus.

The Original Svet EL34 has a really clear midrange, this results in plenty of detail on music which has dynamic passages giving the right amount of power when called for.
This was also very apparent on complex musical passages as when pushed hard the Svetlana always remained in control.

Our upgrade consists of the following valves

2 x 12AX7 WA Jan Philips
2 x 12AU7 WA/6189 W Jan Philips
4 x EL34 Svetlana Winged C in a matched quad

Please note that the kit contains the valves only


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