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Mesa Triaxis Deluxe Harma STR Cryo pre amp kit Mesa Triaxis Deluxe Harma STR Cryo pre amp kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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These are specially selected preamp/front end sets for Mesa Boogie owners. The sets consist of specially position selected pre amp valves that have been selected for each position in your Mesa.

We have 4 kits such as Low gain, This to give the maximum clean headroom, Standard gain, to give a warm and fat overdrive and Hi gain to give you maximum over drive with the lowest noise. Our 4 th Kit, called the Classic provides boogie owners with a valve close in tone to the vintage Mullard ECC83. So you can the best set to suit your playing style.

These Cryogenically treated valves are tested and selected to give the best sonic performance out of your Mesa Boogie amplifier.
Our Triaxis standard gain Deluxe Cryo pre amp kit is designed to overcome is the hard and harsh fizzy sound which is the most frequent complaint that customers have had on this unit over the years.

This set features The Harma Cryo ECC83 Str valve which has a less pronounced mid-range response when compared the Harma ECC83 Retro that we use in our classic kit

This unit is very valve sensitive so good quality selected valves are a must. We therefore select these items for the Triaxis.

The Triaxis also uses an opamp for the dynamic voice and if the opamp gets too much signal then a hard unmusical distortion occurs. To avoid overloading the opamp I found using a low gain tube in V3 the best solution. Here I found that using and ECC81/12AT7 gave more clarity and reduced the gain to avoid overload in this position.

I found that the Triaxis has gain in abundance and the benefit of using lower gain Cryo valves gave benefits in terms of clarity and reduced noise.

The kit contains 5 valves for a standard gain set up plus two additional valves for use as gain reduction, a Cryo GE 5751 which can be used in V1, V2 or V3 positions and an Cryo Harma ECC81 which I found the best tube in the V3 position to calm the opamp but can also be used to reduce gain in V1 or V2.

The kit consists of 7 valves.
V1- Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR
V2- Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR
V3- Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR
V4- Selected Harma Cryo ECC83 STR
V5- Balanced Harma Cryo ECC83 STR

Additional items

V6- Selected Harma Cryo ECC81 STR for V3
V7- Selected GE Cryo 5751 for V1, V2 or V3



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