Radio Technique / E182CC/7119-RADIO TECHNIQUE

E182CC/7119-RADIO TECHNIQUE E182CC/7119-RADIO TECHNIQUE Click on image(s) above to view larger

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The E182CC double triode is an extra special quality version of the E82CC which was itself a special quality version of the popular ECC82.

The E182CC was designed with both an anti-microphonic construction and with two matched triodes within the envelope. The pin out is different form a ECC82/E82CC and some people have changed their amplifiers pin set up to use these.

These items are the super high quality items made at Philips plant in Holland . Brand E182CC Radio Technique. This has the box anode with factory codes on the glass and is one of the most popular and best sounding audio items.

The RT has a significant sonic improvement over many other name brands of E182CC and comes in the original box.



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