General Electric / 5Y3WGTB/6087-GENERAL ELECTRIC 5 STAR

5Y3WGTB/6087-GENERAL ELECTRIC 5 STAR 5Y3WGTB/6087-GENERAL ELECTRIC 5 STAR Click on image(s) above to view larger

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5Y3WGTB 6087 5 STAR is a special factory designed valve for use in demanding and critical applications and have a long life expectancy in the hardest industrial and military applications.

All 5 star valves were produced on a separate dedicated assembly with design features that were specific to the 5 Star range. These include gold grids and designed to withstand shock and vibration.

This valve was the preferred Military 5Y3WGTB as it features premium nickel plates with black coating and thick mica supports and a very rugged construction. This valve was made with the highest grade components and parts and also has a brown micanol heat resistant base that was specified for military use.

These will not only give super performance in all guitar amps such as Fenders, but due to their high quality be a great choice in audio amplifiers or studio compressors. In use, this is the cleanest and strongest 5Y3GT I have ever heard and sadly these are a very rare item and is possibly is best 5Y3 rectifier ever made.



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