Ruby Tubes / ECC81/12AT7C-RUBY TUBES HIGH GRADE Trade 10 pieces

ECC81/12AT7C-RUBY TUBES HIGH GRADE Trade 10 pieces ECC81/12AT7C-RUBY TUBES HIGH GRADE Trade 10 pieces Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Ruby Tubes are a distributor brand the supplies valves from China, Russia and Slovakia. The factories send valves to the USA parent company Magic Parts who test and select them and distribute them to Music stores, Manufactures and engineers the World over under the Ruby Tubes label.

Ruby Tubes may be found in all brands of amplifier equipment, along with other valve powered products
Ruby High Grade

The Ruby 12AT7C High Grade is one of the most popular modern made ECC81 due to its excellent sound quality particularly as a reverb driver.

Ruby Tubes ECC81 12AT7C is a specially selected version selected to Ruby's high grade specification for low microphonics, low noise and hum. So is an ideal for critical amplifier positions, such as in position V1 or as a reverb driver.

It has a softer mellower sound with excellent gain while still imparting the classic warmth in the midband. The Ruby 12AT7C High grade has proved very popular as a sub for a 12AX7 in the V1 position as it not only lowers the gain but breaks up easily with a superbly crunchy tone when overdriven.

These characteristics and its warm tonal balance have made it a clear winner. This 12AT7C High grade is a premium grade valve with proven reliability and low microphonics.

All Ruby Preamp Tubes are tested by Magic Parts for quality assurance and selected for low microphonics and hum. This ensures that the valves will be low noise and very reliable.

Here you get 10 pieces of ECC81/12AT7C-RUBY TUBES @ £12.00 each making a total £120.00



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