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Brad Jackson and Nigel Hendroff founded Jackson Audio in 2017. Brad Also founded Jackson Amp works and now with the launch of Jackson Audio he intends to bring a range of highly innovative and creative products
The only Fuzz you will ever need

The Jackson Audio Modular Fuzz pedal takes faithful recreations of multiple historic and sought after fuzz circuits and brings them all together in a modular pedal format that allows you to create classic fuzz sounds, as well as new fuzz sounds for the modern age that would have been impossible with just the original circuits.

Is a unique Fuzz Pedal that allows you to update you fuzz tone by use of plug in modules so you can update your fuzz sound completely with our swappable analog plug-in modules and turn your device into a whole new pedal with a simple and affordable plug-in swap out.

In the 30 years since Brad Jackson began playing guitar, he's always loved fuzz pedals. Having bought countless versions of fuzzes over the years, in his mind these pedals have always had a massive shortcoming they desperately need more effective tone controls.

That is why Jackson Audio designed the fuzz with a 3 band, fully parametric EQ. EQ and especially the mids are where the guitar makes its stand. Not enough mids and your guitar is lost in the mix. Too much highs and your tone is piercing and off-putting. Too much bass and you compete sonically with the bass drum and bass player.

With the 3 band Parametric EQ on the Fuzz you have 9 controls at your disposal to fully sculpt your tone and make sure the riffs you are laying down are never lost in the mix

Main Features:
*Analog Octave Fuzz pedal
*Unique modular and replaceable Fuzz plug in concept
* Installed Modern Fuzz plug in module - a modern take on all that is good from a vintage pedal
* Additional included Fuzz Classic/vintage plug-in module - based on the classic Fuzz Face circuit
* Separately switchable Octave circuit with Blend control
*Other plug-in modules available for a world of fuzz tones
*Active 3-band Parametric-EQ - for optimal tone shaping
*Small footprint and top mounted jacks

Good fuzz and a good octave pedal go hand in hand. Covering everything from perfectly pure octave up to screaming splatting sonic mayhem, the octave circuit in the Fuzz is the perfect marriage of vintage and modern thanks to its unique octave Blend control.

The Blend control mixes your clean signal with the fuzz/octave signal so you can dial in precisely how much octave effect you want.

With the Blend control fully counter clockwise, the octave circuit acts as a boost and is perfect for slamming the front of the fuzz circuit for more gain

* Pro Tip Boost + Fuzz Face = Tone Bender

This boost is also perfect for boosting the front of other pedals or just running as an always on signal buffer/booster. Fully clockwise, there is no clean blend so your signal is fully fuzzed out with however much fuzz/octave you have dialled in with the OCT control.

The Fuzz is supplied with two analog plug-in boards, so right out of the box you have two completely different and versatile circuits to choose from. From vintage-style fuzz at lower settings, to snarling spitting fuzz at higher settings the Modern Fuzz (installed) plug-in does it all and cleans up beautifully when your guitars volume control is lowered.

The second Module the Fuzz Classic/Vintage is the additional plug-in that this pedal ships with. This plug-in is the classic Fuzz Face and has lower gain and a looser/softer feel which is perfect for the earlier Hendrix era tones.

In addition, a growing range of other modules will be available. Dead simple to install, you simply unscrew the Fuzz backplane, remove the stock fuzz module and replace it with any of the analog fuzz plug-ins.


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