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Poul Cioks set up the company in 1991 and since then Cioks has become a major world player in pedal power supplies.
Cioks DC7 is thinnest and one of the most versatile power supplies on the market.

It features 7 DC outputs all of which have switchable variable voltages. So you can switch between 9, 12, 15, and 18 volts. So now you run that MXR Flanger at a flick of a switch.

The 7 DC outputs also have a staggering 660 mA at 9V DC on each outlet, so when you think that a TS9 Tubescreamer requires just 8 mA this supply will run a wall of effects.

So what happens when you need even more out lets, well you can simply add a Cioks 4 or Cioks 8 or any other compatible power supplies powered with 24V DC via 24V DC additional output. It also has a 5V USB output so you can charge mobile devices or use a mobile device for sight reading reference while playing.

Well I am sold on this already but if like me you use a pedal train then if you purchase the Cioks grip bracket you can mount your DC7 underside of you pedal train to free up
pedal space and drill free, fantastic. The DC7 also has a built in power meter, which lets you know how much current you have used. When the light glows red you are at 90% capacity

So to recap this is a fantastically flexible supply that can power you entire collection of pedals and if you need more than seven ports of DC power the DC7 can be expanded by plugging in a separate CIOKS 4 or 8 units, which provide extra four or eight ports of DC power respectively.

DC7 has a one inch, 25,4mm profile and weighs 1.1 pounds, 500 grams.

Cioks call this the future of power generation and I agree so I will update my pedal board with the DC7


* Ground breaking 1-inch profile
* 7 isolated outlets
* 660mA at 9V DC on each outlet
* 4 different voltages on each outlet
* 5V USB outlet
* 24V DC auxiliary outlet
* Expandable with CIOKS 4 or CIOKS 8
* Built-in power meter
* 12 Flex cables included
* Universal mains input 90 to 265V AC
* Compatible with CIOKS GRIP

Inside the box
* CIOKS DC7 power supply
* Mains power cord
* 12 Flex cables:
* Standard Flex type 1 black with 5,5/2,1mm centre negative DC plug x7
* Standard Flex type 2 red with 5,5/2,1mm centre positive DC plug x1
* Standard Flex type 4 green with 5,5/2,5mm centre positive DC plug x1
* Standard Flex type 5 black with tip positive 3,5mm Jack plug x1
* Split Flex type 1 powers two pedals of a single outlet x1
* 3-way Daisy chain Flex type 1 powers three pedals of a single outlet x1
* Mounting hardware: 2 screws and a hex key
* Manual


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