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Schiit Valhalla 2 Headphone Amplifier Harma 6N1P Novo 6H6N Philips Deluxe Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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This is our Deluxe upgrade kit which includes the Philips ECC88 GE and Philips miniwatt 6BQ7A all of which can be substituted for the 6N1P

The Harma 6N1P-VI is a special long life, low noise version of the 6N1P which has been very popular with high end audio users over recent years. The valve is very robust and was selected for military use and these are the best sounding of the 6N1P types. This valve has a better audio performance than standard 6N1P as it has very low distortion and has a higher plate dissipation rating than an ECC88 type.

The Philips ECC88 is used due to its exception sound quality as this valve has it all, speed & dynamics with plenty of deep musical bass definition. It has a transparent and warm midband which is excellent on vocals and strings. The Philips ECC88 is an Audio bargain as you get all the Mullard sound at super low price

Philips Miniwatt 6BQ7A which is a superb performer and a real favourite due to its excellent clarity, deep bass response and lively nature. Last but not least is the military General Electric Jan version of the 6BQ7A as it produces very musical sound with especially fabulous clean and balanced top end response.

The Novosibrisk 6H6pi-N is a genuine Soviet designed valve and the best sounding Russian double triode that we found for use in Audio amplifiers. The Novosibirsk valve produced the best sound out of various types of valves tested and offers an excellent upgrade.

The kit consist of

2 x 6N1P-VI Harma
2 x ECC88 Philips
2 x 6BQ7A Jan General Electric
2 x 6BQ7APhilips Miniwatt

2 x 6H6PI/6H6N Novosibirsk NEVZ-Soyuz"

Please note this kit is the valves only



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