Little Dot Amplifiers / Little Dot MK2 Headphone Amplifier 6H6N 5654 RT Upgrade Kit

Little Dot MK2 Headphone Amplifier 6H6N 5654 RT Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Little Dot Amplifiers have taken the audio world by storm by offering a range of fantastic sounding valve hybrid headphone amplifiers. These Little devices have become a really popular way of listing to music from your IPod. The Little Dot Amplifiers are beautifully made and engineered and offer remarkable value for money. Here we offer a range of the best new old stock valves to transform the sound of your Little Dot amplifier.
The Radio Technique RTC EF95 was produced by Mullard for Radio Technique which was part of the Philips group in the 80s. This Radio Technique 5654 valve has black plates with a large ventilation hole in the middle and is identical to the M8100. These items was packaged by RTC for French military under the 5654 code number and has the Nato supply code on the box.

This is a special high quality military version of the EF95 is excellent and instant upgrade in the Little Dot amplifiers It provide a deep warm bass response and is very fast and dynamic. Like the Mullard, the RT has the smoothest and has the most detailed mid range response out of any EF95 valve that we have tested. The result is the most dynamic and enjoyable listening experience as they bring the music to life.

This is best all round EF95 type to use for a wide range of music from classical to Jazz and all roads in between. The RT offers Mullard M8100 performance at half the price, which makes this a real audio bargain.

The Novosibrisk 6H6pi-N is a genuine Soviet design valve and the best sounding Russian double triode that we found for use in the Little Dot amplifiers. The Novosibirsk valve produced the best sound out of various types of valves tested and offers a excellent upgrade.

The set consists of 4 valves

2 x 5654/EF95 Radio Technique
2 x 6H6PI/6H6N Novosibirsk NEVZ-Soyuz"

Please note that the kit is for the valves only



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