ARS Capacitors / ARS 47UF/500V AXIAL

ARS 47UF/500V AXIAL ARS 47UF/500V AXIAL Click on image(s) above to view larger

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ARS introduced the dual section can capacitors at the end of the 1990's.These are used by many major OEM's such as Marshall, HI Watt and Laney. They are replicas of the LCR blue can capacitor and made to higher specifications and with a long life rating consistent life performance (3000hrs). These are standard equipment in many handmade amplifiers as it is claimed that these provide the classic LCR sound. The dual section 50 plus 50 dual section capacitors are used by many original equipment manufacturers including Marshall amplifiers.
ARS Axial 47uf - 500 volt axial capacitors are used by the industry's biggest names in the amplifier equipment manufacture the world over.

Many of these companies prefer these to the Sprague atoms items not only because they sound good, providing a warm open sound but because these are rated at 105 c.
They can operate in hot climates in hot amplifies and stand the pace, the Sprague max rating is 85 c. Many people have commented on how good these items sound and this is no doubt down to the high specification and high levels of quality control that ARS use.

These items in Axial format 47uf with 500 volt working and 105C rated are ideal replacement in and upgrade in guitar amplifier, especially in old tweed Fenders and audio applications.

Dims- 22mm diameter x 40mm length



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