Harma Ceramic American Series Speakers / HARMA-G10 BRIGHT SAPPHIRE-50-16 OHM

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American guitar speakers are characterised as to having a hard punching midrange with a bright aggressive top end response. The sound of these speakers can be heard in the power and the pain of American blues. A power that was so strong that it went on to revolutionise the shape of American music and influence the world.

The Harma ceramic American gem series speakers have been developed to provide a canvass for the modern day guitar player to make their own signature sound from this immense legacy. The legends of American electric blues music such as B.B.King, Freddie King, Buddy Guy & Muddy Waters have all used an American designed and built guitar speaker to create their unique sound.

To provide this canvas each Harma ceramic American gem series speaker uses a vintage specified original American made cone. These cones use the same manufacturer, production techniques and composition of some of America most sought after classic guitar speakers. Each cone has been specially selected for its tonal texture after hundreds of hours of listening and recoding tests. The result is that each speaker has its own distinctive voice. Special attention has been paid to the speaker suspension, coil assembly and neck and edge treatments of each speaker. These features add up to a unique sounding American voiced guitar speaker.
The Harma G10 Bright Sapphire 50M 10 inch guitar speaker is the answer to those who want American voiced guitar speaker without that overly bright hard brittle tone that many speakers suffer, This is the 10 inch version of our best-selling G12 Bright Sapphire speaker and is Handmade in England.

This speaker solves the problem that many players encounter when using a modern American voiced ceramic speaker is that they can sound overly bright and harsh. The speakers tend to lose the individual note separation and clarity that many players require. The bass end is also ill defined and too loose for many players in the modern world.
A further issue when using a modern day Tweed style amplifiers or modern high gain amplifiers is that the upper frequencies are very peaky and is too cutting. This results in a harsh almost brittle top end known as an ice pick top end.

The Harma G10 Bright Sapphire delivers the tight bottom end of a 1960's era vintage British speaker but has the top end sparkle and punch of a Tweed era ceramic.

It combines the crunchy open top end clarity of an Original 1960's Jensen with a tighter British low end. The midrange has been designed to provide a warm smooth clean sound more even breakup when compared to the main competition. The upper midrange is clear and responsive. The top end is fantastically open with plenty of detail and aggression on solo's. The careful selection of components means that this speaker has all the top end characteristics without the hard harsh peaks.

The result is speaker that will make any Fender or American voiced amplifier have enough clarity for you chords to sparkle and the right amount of fat crunchy sustain to make you lead sound sing with vintage harmonic warmth.This is an upgrade to any American amplifier and will replace Original and reissue Jensen C10R, C10Q, Eminence and Vintage oxfords.

It features a 5 inch 40 oz ceramic magnet, 50 watts rms into 8 ohm, 1- 3/4" hand wound voice coil. The speaker cone is a specified vintage American cone which is the same cone as Jensen used on many of its late 1950's early 1960's speakers.

The Harma Bright Sapphire also has a special edge treatment or doping as it is also known. This has been specially formulated for the American series as it allows the speaker to breathe and breakup harmonically and maximise this cones unique tonal character when used with a vintage or modern high gain amplifier in overdriven as well as clean situations.

The Harma Bright Sapphire has an open and sparkling top end, a warm smooth midrange and a crunchy top end. In fact it has all the features that our customers wanted that were not available from any other manufacturers. We have built a speaker with the right amount of punch and clarity that that will deliver the features that will enable you to create you own signature sound.

Here is what Gabriel Allen said after fitting The 12 inch version of the Harma Bright Sapphire to his Peavey Amplifier.

Hi Derek,
As promised, a review of your Hama Bright speaker.
At first, I was sceptical that a speaker upgrade was actually going to do the trick but I have to say, I wish I started at this end first.

The first thing I noticed was the contrast in how the Harma handles gain. It is tight and smooth with no rasp or harshness. Low end was tight with no bleed and really crisp response and the top end sang with really clear with fantastic articulation. Notes seemed to leap from the speaker whereas before, the whole sound was flabby and loose. Mids have a wirery bite, single notes are punchy but smooth while chords have great separation. You can really hear the character of the guitar, pickups and even the strings. Every part of the guitar now has an individual voice as opposed to being so much mush.
The really cool part is how the EQ actually works. Adjusting treble and bass has clear and useable effect. I also dont have to overuse treble to cut through. A welcome relief for all involved.
The speaker handles stomp boxes and other effects really well. Im having a lot of fun dusting off some of my old pedals and hearing them with an improved clarity.

In conclusion, I would urge any guitarist unhappy with their sound to change the speaker before changing anything else. Loading more gizmos in front of a low quality speaker will only result in low quality tone. And I would also whole heartedly recommend the Harma speaker series to compliment your rig.
I still cant believe that you answer the phone and take the time to speak to your customers but without speaking to you first, I wouldnt have gone through with the upgrade as I know virtually nothing about speakers and just didnt consider this was where the problem existed.
Thanks again for your time and advice and ultimately, the speaker.”

Diameter-10 inch
Power Handling- 50 watts RMS
Nominal impedance- 16 ohm
Chassis style – American Style 8 hole
Chassis colour- Chelsea Blue
Chassis material-Pressed Steel
Sensitivity -98 db
Magnet size-5 inch 40 oz
Voice coil-1.75 inch
Frequency response 75-5k
Resonance frequency- 75 HZ
Weight UN boxed- 3.25 kg



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