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Britain has a rich heritage of making some of the world greatest and most sought after guitar speakers. These speakers have defined the sound of British rock form the Beatles and the sixties blues boom to Brit pop and beyond.

The Harma ceramic British gem series speakers have been developed to provide a canvass for the modern day guitar player to make their own signature sound. Iconic legends of British music such as Hank Marvin, Brian May, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page & Dave Gilmour have all used a British designed and British made guitar speaker to create their unique sound.

To provide this canvas each Harma ceramic British gem series speaker uses a vintage specified original UK made Kurt Mueller cone. Each cone has been specially selected for its tonal texture after hundreds of hours of listening and recoding tests. The result is that each speaker has its own distinctive voice. Special attention has been paid to the speaker suspension, coil assembly and neck and edge treatments of each speaker. These features add up to a unique sounding British voiced guitar speaker
The Harma G12 Vintage Ruby V60 12 inch guitar speaker is a British voiced guitar speaker from The Harma speaker Gem British series. These speakers are Handmade in England and utilise traditional craftsmanship fused with modern day technology. These speakers have been designed after extensive research to specifically meet the demands of guitarists who want to create their own signature sound. They bridge the gap in the market for vintage tone and modern day definition that is left by the larger manufactures.

The Harma G12 Vintage Ruby V60 12 inch guitar speaker has been designed for the modern lead guitarist. The result is a speaker that tonally sits between a vintage G12H and a Vintage 30. It is both loud and articulate and is the answer for the guitarist who wants a tight thick bass, fat mids and a screaming lead sound that loves to be overdriven.

The Harma Vintage Ruby retains the most sought after vintage characteristics of original British guitar speakers. To achieve this close attention has been paid to the speakers suspension, spider and cap. A specific Mueller cone has been selected for its performance as the cone has tighter more extended bass with a punchy lower mids. Special attention has been paid to the speakers mid-range performance and tonal improvement has been made in the upper-mids to smooth out the upper-mid "spike" found in some speakers when overdriven. The result is a speaker that maintains its vintage character but has a smoother and darker voice that loves to be overdriven.

It features a 6 inch 50 oz heavy ceramic magnet, 50 watts rms into 8 ohm, 1- 3/4” hand wound voice coil. The speaker cone is a specified vintage Mueller cone with a special edge treatment which allows the speaker to breathe and bring out the cones unique vintage character.
The top end is clear with plenty of attack and articulation with rich harmonic over tones. The speakers overload characteristics have been designed to work well with modern high gain amplifier circuits as well as making vintage amplifiers come alive.

These are a modern voiced vintage speaker that supplies a superb mix of vintage warmth and modern hard hitting punch. They are an ideal upgrade in all, Hi watt, Marshall, Mesa, Orange, Park, Sound City and Vox cabinets and combo's.

Guitarist/songwriter Jonny Moody said after fitting the Harma Vintage Ruby
In his Divided by 13 SJT 10/20.

I never thought I would find a speaker that I preferred to the vintage 30, but I have now”

The Vintage Ruby speakers have managed to inject even more character to my sound. My amp's sound through your speakers is very articulate and clean when playing harmonically rich chords. I use an Electro Harmonix Micro Synth pedal with the band and I have found that some speakers bottom out with some of the bassier synth sounds, but your RUBYs take anything I throw at them. Everything from Neo Soul, to Blues/Jazz right up to high gain is catered to with these speakers. I never thought I would find a speaker that I preferred to the vintage 30, but I have now. Again thank you Watford Valves and well done”

Diameter-12 inch
Power Handling- 60 watts RMS
Nominal impedance- 8 ohms
Chassis style –British Vintage Style 4 hole
Chassis colour- Ruby Red
Chassis material-Pressed Steel
Sensitivity -99.5 db
Magnet size-6 inch 50 oz
Voice coil-1.75 inch
Frequency response 70-5k
Resonance frequency- 70 HZ
Weight Un boxed-4.85 kg



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